Why Your Gutters Are Leaking

Why Your Gutters Are LeakingWhether or not you realize it, your home’s rain gutters play an important role. They’re there to protect your home from dampness, garden erosion, and a damaged foundation – all things that lead to costly repairs that devalue your home. Typically, gutters are damaged by nature. The material the gutters were made from (e.g. copper, vinyl), how they were installed, and how frequently they’ve been maintained all play an important role in determining when you’ll need gutter repair. Nevertheless, there are some common reasons why your gutters may be damaged today.


This is an issue that commonly occurs when you have galvanized steel rain gutters on your home. The most common place for it to occur is at the joints, seams, nails, or braces, especially if they’ve been exposed to severe weather. This is why it’s important to frequently repaint them so rust doesn’t accumulate in these areas.

Holes and Gaps

This is another common issue with metal rain gutters, especially when they’re not maintained frequently. Rainwater will pool and rust will start to build up resulting in holes that cause severe dampness inside your home. This can also happen when your gutters have been clogged for a long time. Fortunately, this is an easy gutter repair since you simply need to put silicone waterproof sealant over these areas.

Improper or Loose Fit

Loose or sagging hangers (what’s used to attach the gutters to your home’s fascia) can result in leaks. This is especially true when your rain gutters are clogged by debris. Rainwater can seep through the joints here resulting in leaks. You’ll need to have your gutters cleaned so that all debris is removed from them before installing new hangers so that the system works perfectly once again.

Improper Slope

For rain gutters to work properly they must have a slight downward slope leading the rainwater towards the downspout. From there the rainwater must flow through the outlet onto the ground. Sometimes when you have gutter installation work done everything will look good until your home has its first rainfall. At that time, you may notice that the rainwater is staying in your gutters and forming a small pool instead of reaching the downspout. This is because they’re improperly sloped so all the pooled water simply adds additional weight which will cause your gutters to start sagging after a while. You’ll also start noticing water dripping from them. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution for this: Have the gutters’ slope checked and adjusted.


This is the most common reason why your gutters are leaking. By overlooking their routine maintenance you’re allowing debris from trees and even the remains of dead animals to build up inside of them. When this happens, it results in a mass that will block your gutters and pull them downward resulting in them overflowing. This is something that’s also easily preventable. You simply need to make sure that you conduct routine maintenance twice a year or after any major rainstorms.


Taking care of your rain gutters is important since they’re your home’s armor against rainwater. Avoiding any reason for a leak to develop is your best course of action here.

When you’re ready for new gutter installation you’ll want to make sure you choose a material that not only looks good and lasts a long time, but that also fits your budget. If you only need gutter repair work done, make sure you don’t do it yourself. This way you’ll know if there’s a worse problem lurking underneath the surface. In either situation, you should contact Done Rite Gutters and have them do the work for you.