Where Should The Water From Your Rain Gutter Be Going

Where Should The Water From Your Rain Gutter Be GoingProper rain gutters are essential for any homeowner. This is even more important if you are living in an area where there will be consistent rainfall or the occasional storm. Have you ever thought about where the water that your rain gutters collect should go? In an ideal situation, a rain gutter system should be able to collect the rainwater that is running off the roof and direct it far enough away from your home so that it does not cause any foundation damage.

First, let’s take a look at what happens when downspouts are not doing their job.

One thing that you will notice is that your rain gutters will be overflowing as they have been clogged with organic debris like leaves and twigs so the water is not being redirected as it should be.

If a downspout is not the correct length you will likely find that you will have an increased chance of foundation damage as water will begin to pool around your home.

If the rain gutter system you have installed does not have enough downspouts installed you will see a lot of water pooling all around your home.

If you have poor downspout placement you can see things occur like flooding or erosion in your garden. Additionally, the absence of things like splash blocks can take away from the curb appeal of your home.

So What Should You Be Doing with the Rainwater

No matter where you happen to live you may find yourself in a period of large rainfall. This is why you must have rain gutters and downspouts that are in proper shape. This way the rainwater can move safely off your roof into a safe place in your garden or a drain. Here are some water delivery options that will help you get water to your garden in the safest way possible. You would just need to choose what option is the best for you.

Having a drainage pit for your garden is one option to consider. It is a great way to get water to your garden without having to worry about the outdoor appeal of your home. This type of drainage system is perfect for large amounts of rainfall and it can be installed fairly quickly.

A rain barrel is another drainage option that you can implement. It is an easy way to collect rainwater for use in your garden or other places around your home. Rain barrels can hold between thirty to one hundred gallons and can be made of wood or plastic.

If you have a larger budget you should consider a rainwater collection system. This is where you have underground tanks installed that have pumps that will redirect rainwater to different areas of your property.

As you can see a good rain gutter system is about more than just rain gutters. Many choices need to be made so you are making the best impact on the environment around you. If you are unsure about what rainwater collection option is best for you speak with a contractor to learn which option is best. No matter what option you are leaning toward getting if you speak with a contractor you can get a professional opinion as to whether or not your choice is the right one for your needs. If you are thinking about having a new rain gutter system installed on your property you need to get in touch with Done Rite Gutters. They will assist you in determining what type of system is going to work the best on your property so you can take care of your home properly.