Tips for Rain Gutters Maintenance

Tips for Rain Gutters MaintenanceMaintaining your rain gutters is a great thing to do for your home. It won’t simply ensure that your home remains safe throughout strong storms, but it’ll also prevent other issues from forming. By not engaging in rain gutters maintenance you’re setting your home up for leaks and clogs. So while this task may seem tedious, when done correctly it’s quite simple.

Think Safety First

Before you get started, make sure you have everything you need to keep yourself safe. This includes:

  • Heavy work gloves: These help prevent injuries to your hands, especially when working with metal rain gutters.
  • Safety goggles: These keep debris from entering your eyes.
  • Non-slip shoes: These are important when climbing onto a ladder, which you should have someone hold for you.

Conduct Rain Gutters Maintenance on a Regular Basis

When rain gutters maintenance is a routine part of your home maintenance routine (at least twice yearly, in specific once in the spring and once in the fall) you’ll increase your gutters’ lifespan, as well as that of your home itself. Of course, there are some times when you should perform this maintenance more frequently. One such time is when you live in a rainy area because then your gutters will clog faster and the weight of the debris within them can cause them to become loose.

If this is the first-time cleaning rain gutters you should know that it’s a simple process. You basically want to use your hands, a scoop, or a hose to remove any debris therein. Once you’ve finished, make sure to use a hose and some water to flush them out and make sure they’re draining properly.

Keep Your Roof Clear

Always remember safety first. You don’t want to go on a wet roof or climb up there when the wind is strong. In the ideal conditions you can rake the leaves and debris off your roof so they don’t eventually make their way into your rain gutters causing them to become clogged again.

Be on the Lookout for Holes, Leaks, and Rust

After you conduct rain gutters maintenance make sure you inspect your gutters for any leaks or rust. If you do find any signs of rust, it may be time to replace your gutters. When this time arises, consider switching to aluminum, vinyl, or copper gutters because they won’t rust. You’ll also want to check the joints for holes and if you find any, caulk them. Some holes will require you to use metal flashing to repair them.

Watch Your Downspouts

You also need to check your downspouts for signs of rust, leaks, and clogging. As you look for these things, make sure your gutters are extending several feet away from your home. If not, you should consider adding downspout extenders. This is important because you don’t want water to drain too close to your foundation.


Now that you see how easy rain gutters maintenance is, hopefully you’ll want to engage in it more frequently. If you still don’t like the idea of climbing a ladder onto your roof, then consider hiring the professionals at Done Rite Gutters to clean and maintain them for you.