Gutters and Your Home

Gutters and Your HomeWhen you buy a house, make sure you don’t forget to look to see if it has rain gutters. If not, you’ll need to install them and some downspouts which is something that could cost several thousand dollars. You may wonder if this cost is worthwhile since clogged gutters can seriously damage your home. This is because when your rain gutters grow clogged water starts flowing over their sides and from there it’ll start pooling around your foundation. Without gutters this is something that happens every time it rains. There are some very important reasons why you’ll want to have gutters on your home and once there, you’ll want to keep them from growing clogged.

Prevent Erosion

Building code requires homes to be built on a slight slope so rain runoff is guided away from its foundation. However, when rain ponds around your foundation it can result in massive erosion with more and more soil being washed away after each rain. This will wear down your landscaping’s slope, so water starts flowing toward your home instead of away from it. Your foundation will also start settling so you eventually see uneven floors and cracks in your walls and chimney.

Protect Your Garden Beds

Planting flowers and shrubs near your home creates a pleasing aesthetic. It also helps serve as a windbreaker. However, when soil erosion occurs because you don’t have rain gutters installed, your landscaping could be washed away. Even a minimal amount of erosion can cause water puddles to form in your garden, drowning out your plants.

Prevent Your Basement from Flooding

Soil that’s saturated with water becomes very heavy. In turn, this will place a lot of pressure on your home’s foundation. Eventually this can cause your basement’s walls to start pushing inward and cracking. Even a really small crack here will let water flow into your basement and flood it. Once this starts happening your basement will have an excessive amount of moisture in it, which will cause mold to start growing. This will pose a health hazard to anyone living in your home.

Protect Your Home’s Siding

Rainwater will carry things like leaves, dirt, and small particles from your asphalt shingles down your siding when you don’t have working rain gutters installed. This will result in your home’s siding becoming stained. Your home will then start to look dreary and unkempt, which in turn will negatively affect its curb appeal.

Aesthetics aren’t the only thing you must worry about here. Rainwater streams will eventually rot your siding, especially if it’s wood. Not only will this look unappealing, but it’ll create holes that allow pests to enter your home. This can also affect your home’s structural integrity – a costly and difficult thing to fix.


Once your home has rain gutters installed, it’s important for you to clean and maintain them properly to prevent these issues from arising. This is where Done Rite Gutters comes in. Not only can they install gutters on your home for you, but they can repair and clean them once they’re installed to make sure they’re in good condition. Enlist their help today by giving them a call – something many people are glad they’ve done, and you’ll be glad once you do it too.